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Crown Plumbing was founded on the idea to help every customer, and provide a safe and warm feeling in your heart from having us in your home. As we hope not to hear from you because that means you do have a plumbing problem, we look forward to forming a life-long relationship with you and your family.


Crown Plumbing are the plumbing experts you need to keep your business running smoothly when a problem arises. The peace of mind knowing your repair has been made or your new equipment has been properly installed is why we know you will be happy you trusted Crown Plumbing. We look forward to doing business with you!


About Crown Plumbing

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At Crown Plumbing we provide the full range of plumbing services. No matter how big or small the job we are eager to help you to have a properly designed and functioning plumbing system. Plumbing leaks, under slab copper pipe leaks, slow drains, broken drains and sewer issues are some of the most common and nerve racking issues that confront homeowners at one time or another. We are able to pinpoint seemingly hidden and hard to find leaks through our experience with camera inspection, leak detection, isolation and hydrostatic testing. We try to use the least invasive method when tackling some of these larger jobs and are proficient at tunneling, re-routing, re-piping.

We also provide services for plumbing fixtures such as whirlpool and jetted master tubs, hall tubs, faucets, disposals, sinks, toilets, bidets, circulating pumps, water heaters and of course tankless water heaters! We use some of the most recognizable and reputable brands in plumbing. 



Do You Know What’s in Your Home’s Pipes?

Whether it’s the water that cleans your clothes and dishes, the water you bathe in, or the water you and your family drink, it all comes from the same pipes. And chances are, your home’s pipes are old, clogged, and rusted.

Bad Pipes Mean Bad Water in Your Home

If you’ve ever experienced unexplained leaks, low water pressure, discoloration, streaks and stains on wishes, foul-smelling clothes straight out of the washing machine, or bad-tasting water, it’s probably due to pipes that need to be replaced.

Solve Your Leaking Pipe Problems Today!

We’ve repiped more than 1,000 homes, and we’ve seen the huge difference it makes in homeowners’ quality of life. Old, clogged, dirty, and rusted pipes bring a whole host of issues that simply can’t be solved without repiping, and that’s where we come in. Call for your free best price quote!

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Let the experts at Crown Plumbing handle your plumbing needs. All our plumbers are licensed and bonded.

General Plumbing


Does your hot water take forever to heat up? It might be time to get it serviced or replaced.

General Plumbing

If you are continually having drain issues its possible that your sewer line needs to be repaired.

General Plumbing



For gas line repair and installation done right, call the experts today!



We are the re-pipe experts in the region. Restoring your water pressure and better water quality for your home. 



We are here to help your business continue to run smooth without any interruptions in your routine.


What Our Customers Say

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Chando's Tacos

Great service. Responsive, Professional. Great Value!

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The company was easy to work with to make a appointment ASAP. The crew showed up on time. They were professional, honest and quick. I would recommend them.

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Crown plumbing responded to an emergency service at an urgent care and they were prompt and punctual. I appreciate your response!